Manufacturing of machine tools and parts Machine industry


Tool manufacturing - design, manufacture, testing

Sheet metal working - cold forming, laser cutting, angle forming

Plastic injection molding


Industrial solutions

The Company is constantly developing its machinery required for machine tool manufacturing and deploys the most recent CAD / CAM softwares available on the market. The company is also equipped with wire and block electric discharging machines equipment required for the production of precision tools, CNC machines suitable for multi – axis 3D machining, and other special, dedicated tools.

During sheet metal processing, the company performs cold forming of metals up to 5-500 tons, laser cutting of steel sheets up to a thickness of 15 mm, and angle forming up to a thickness of 4 mm.

In the field of plastic injection molding, the company has Engel machines. In the course of the work, the Company also performs product development, tool design and tool manufacturing in a complex manner.

The company manufactures machining products mainly for the automotive industry. It manufactures components for gearboxes, fork lift brake pedal parts and various smaller body elements.

The Company owns several significant industrial patents, and a number of industrial innovations can be linked to the name of the company’s founder. These include the modernization of complex manufacturing technologies in the areas of fine cutting, plasticisation and cold flow processes.