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Andrea Vincze

Andrea Vincze

Andrea Vincze

After graduating as a chartered accountant, Andrea continued her studies at the BGF College of Finance and Accounting in Zalaegerszeg, where she obtained an economics degree in accounting, specializing in business administration. Following her studies at the College, she trained as a tax consultant. During her 23 years in the accounting field, she has gained experience in accounting, finance and taxation in many sectors of business life. From 2006 to 2016 she worked as the chief accountant of Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt., and from 2018 as the chief accountant of Foodnet Zrt. Currently, she is the Accounting Director of Areus Infocommunication Ltd.

Studies, further education

  • Budapest School of Economics PSZF Zalaegerszeg Institute, 1998-2002, Accounting faculty
    Economist, Business Administration
  • Hungarian Chamber of Auditors, 2005-2007
    Tax adviser training
  • Perfekt Zrt., 1996-1997
    Chartered accountant
  • Irinyi János Secondary School, 1992-1996
    Secondary school graduation - Qualified accountant and programmer

Professional experience

  • Property management, maintenance, rental
  • Food distribution
  • Infocommunications activities

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