Further capital increases and acquisitions expected

NAVIGATOR Investments Plc., a listed company that connects the investment story of industrial producing investments and the generational change, also the market-leading appointed advisor (NOMAD) in the Xtend segment of the Budapest Stock Exchange, is expected to close the year 2022 with outstanding results.

Based on the management’s forecast, in the non-audited business year 2022 the earnings before interest, taxes and amortization excluding special (one-off) items is nearly HUF 300 million, which is a significant jump compared to previous years. In accordance with the company’s acquisition strategy, it plans to raise additional capital and 3-4 acquisition transactions in the coming years, and with this, it can increase its EBITDA, which shows the best operating processes, fivefold.

2022 revenue and EBITDA forecast

Revenue of the NAVIGATOR Group has grown dynamically over the past four years thanks to acquisitions. In the years 2019-2020, the income of the company group came exclusively from consulting activities, during this period the company implementing the listing of DM-KER and Gloster.

In addition, during this period, NAVIGATOR developed its acquisition strategy, thanks to which its revenue increased from a few hundred-thousand to EUR 4.3 million by 2021, and may approach EUR 5 million in 2022.

EBITDA excluding special (one-off) items of the group of companies improved significantly: it can jump from EUR 101.000 in 2019 to EUR 740.000 by 2022 with a 15% margin compared to revenue.

Further capital raising acquisitions plans

Goal of NAVIGATOR Group is via M&A transactions integrate, develop and operate of an industrial production company portfolio whose business performance after additional capital raise and 3-4 successful acquisitions in next years is expected to exceed EUR 25 million revenue and EUR 3.75 million EBITDA.

“Our company, NAVIGATOR Investments Plc. one of the goals of the listing of its shares in 2022 was to ensure the financing needs of planned acquisitions. We are planning further capital increase(s) in 2023 so we consider it particularly important that our investors get an accurate picture of the Group’s current situation before making their decision.“

– stated Zoltán Jutasi, founder of NAVIGATOR Investments Plc., the Chairman of the Board.

Our company brochure presentation including the 2022 forecasts is available here.